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The Lost Boys

I have traveled now,  to the sand basin to spend time with, and photograph the wild horses there. I Remember the first time I ever saw “Benson,” he was clearly a kingly stallion and had no time to have his photo taken by a mere human peasant. 

I snapped a few pics of him and he traveled on. I remember thinking, I’ll be back and next time I see you, I will make sure you pose for me.

It was not to be. 

When I first saw Kiowa he was among a couple of other bands , Tonka and his mares and others I do not know.

He was a bit of a clown really, and I was so lucky to snap a few photos of him and Tonka in ritual stallion posturing. He was a stunning boy and I thought again, I would see him another day.

But shortly after I took his photo, I learned he was gone as well.

The news of their passing was heavy on my heart, but they both were able to live their entire lives free, and that is how it was meant to be for them. 

I wont ever forget them and cherish the few images I captured of them.

It is no small thing to be remembered.

Rest in peace, noble and wild. 





Benson on the ridge


Benson in the sky

To learn more about the wild horses and how to make sure they are kept on the range visit – “Wild Horse Education,” on Facebook.