The Textiles

When creating my textile art, I enjoy mixing vintage photos with fabric bits, beads and baubles, to build a texture to the piece.

Whether it is an original art piece, or a re-envisioned existing item, there is no pattern to follow. It is an eclectic, raveled road, placing things in an imperfect way, to add depth and character to an imagined history. 

The Art

The common denominator in my work is animals. They have always been my true kindred spirits and muses.  

I employ a vast array of techniques and mediums to create pieces from Fine Art to polymer clay jewelry.  

 Depending on mood and materials, you might discover assemblage pieces, paintings on wood or paper mache wall art. 

Lately, I have been gathering a few things to recycle in my art, its fun to incorporate something that would have added more to our landfills and find it a place to be revived and enjoyed instead.   



The Photography

  Photography is so much fun for me, I see it as capturing moments that will never come again.  I photograph nature, animals, and forgotten things or places, horses and wildlife top the list.  I also do paintings from some of my images and am exploring digital painting on images and mixed media with them. 


The Jewelry

Interesting jewelry that tells the world your style, is something I have always loved , I guess that is why I enjoy creating unique pieces. 

I have a passion for western history and the Victorian era, so the past is always kept in the present here. Vintage photo jewelry  is a staple at Wild Horse Moon.

 I have added in my own photo art , and continue to mix the media up, to concoct new designs from many things old and new.  

Hand painted, sculptured, beaded, sewn, assembled found items, or a blend of all of those, means you never know what you will find that may capture your distinctive style.