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Tracey Williamson

A Visit With The Artist



  I can remember back to second grade, drawing wild stick ponies, setting them to run loose all around the edges of my school papers.  I have always created and loved art.  My grade school had a Franz Marc horse artwork hanging near the cafeteria, that I would visit to enjoy often.  My art and I, seemed to grow up together -slowly, many awkward moments,  a few small triumphs and finally, we seemed to come together in our journey to find ourselves and where we wanted to be. I’m a late bloomer.

Its easy to figure out why I create, what I do. With a love of western history, the southwest, animals and nature, I simply create what I am passionate about. 

It was in high school, my English teacher told me I should be a writer.  My mom had been telling me that for years. I finally arrived at the day I began to find myself serious about writing. 

It is a very uncomfortable proposition to present your art, whether it is writing or  painting, for others to judge.  So much of the artist is in the work.  It can feel personal when someone rejects it, but as the quote says , “nothing ever grows in a comfort zone.” You have to shove your art out of the nest to see if it will fly, otherwise that nest gets awfully crowded with never knowing what you could have accomplished.

My art is not for everyone, that is as it should be  – ” If the art doesn’t speak to you, then it wasn’t for you. ” If my art does have something to tell you, I hope the conversation will be enjoyed for a long time.


It is good to have an end to journey towards, but in the end, it is the journey that matters.” – Ursula Le Guin













Speak your mind , but ride a fast horse...