Services Available

If you need a custom item
Make it your own

Custom Textile Art

If you would like a  custom textile wall piece, I can create in your color choices,  personal photos or artwork choice and add quotes or other items to create your one of a kind custom piece.


Contact me for a price quote.

Photo, Photo Collage or Original Art

Ebook Cover Design & Writing

If you need a custom design for an ebook or other project, contact me to see if I can help you with your vision.

I use original art, digital collage, hard copy collage, photos or photography of props to design covers. 

If you need  original writing for a special project, a custom poem, slogan, soundbite,  children’s book etc, contact  me about your needs.  Custom writing starts around thirty five dollars an hour, or a set price for a specific completed project.  

Your Style

Custom Jewelry

Visit the shop to get a good idea of the types of jewelry I create and approach me with your idea for a custom piece.  Custom pieces do have an add on in pricing, so contact me for a quote. 

Custom Service inquiries are welcomed

Writing, photography ,jewelry, textiles, polymer clay