Photography / Media Production

Forgotten relics of the past

 I have a clear fascination for the old, the forgotten, rusty, broken and abandoned. From dilapidated barns , old homesteads to vintage trucks,  these  traces of the past, call me to stop and conserve them with my camera. 


All images are protected by copyright, please do not copy in any manner unless expressed written permission is given – thank you.

The splendor has gone, but out of the ruin, the decay, neglect, beauty casts a final spell.

Image Gallery

The Hotel In Ingalls

The old hotel in Ingalls , Oklahoma, was the site of a deadly gunfight between US Marshals and the Doolin - Dalton gang.

Old Ford

This old ford has some bullet holes to explain.

St Elmos Ghost Town

Old mining town in Colorado.

Moon Car

This is a digital photo collage, I hope more mysterious than spooky.

Boot Hill

Boot Hill cemetery , Tombstone Arizona.


Old, abandoned Dwelling in Colorado.