Cows & Horses

When I hear somebody talk about a horse or a cow being stupid, I figure it’s a sure sign that animal has outfoxed them.

Tom Dorrance
Photography /Media Production

Cows & Horses

I find cows to have the sweetest faces. Those eyes, after all.  It is  a melancholy thing, when I photograph most cows, as they will come to a cruel end of a shortened life. I don’t eat animals, so I photograph cows with a genuine desire to save their memory and honor their life at the very least.  I hope I capture their stoic, curious, furry faces in a way that shows who they are.

Horses are one of my favorite things to capture with my camera. From their noble grace, to their silly antics and quiet moments of stillness,  I want to capture it all. 

Image Gallery

Innocence and curiosity….

I love this serious face , no nonsense attitude. Shot in morning light.

What a beauty. Found her on a photography day trip jaunt.

I never tire of photographing these sensitive beauties….

I love the softness of the colt next to the texture of the western outfitting. 

Sometimes the best shots come from the horses just being horses and not paying any mind to what I am doing. 

I’m just going to hang close to my friend , until I figure out what you are doing human…..

Taken in south Oklahoma close to Medicine Park.

I love this stern face.

So much emotion in those eyes, every hair in place. 

Frosty portrait in a February snow.

Sweet moment of greeting.

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