Various , is the portfolio landing page for the odd thing photographed.  It may be an ant hill or a bit of plastic on a barbed wire fence.  Whatever has struck my fancy through the lens.

The portfolio pages are for enjoyment, to peruse and find images of things you might like a print or other creation made from. It is an expansion of choices beyond what you find ready to go in the shop.


Please remember all images are my intellectual property,  protected under copyright laws. Copying in any form is prohibited unless written, expressed consent is given.

Image Gallery

Petroglyphs close to Moab, Utah.
Riverside Cemetery , the only full size horse marker in the US.
Elegant dove on a saguaro cactus.
A beautiful landscape at dawn.
Oh, this guy. Flying from scenic lookout to scenic lookout, to seek handouts. Very intelligent birds , who have keen facial recognition skills. And smart enough to leave when any kids were starting to be obnoxious in his direction.
Ancient art and storytelling.