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I hope my photography style shows the horses in their rugged beauty, grit, moments of stillness , love of family and freedom, in such a way that makes you fall in love with them.

I created the portfolio pages to further your options, for prints and other media. If you don’t see what you would like already in the shop, feel free to contact me about the image of your choosing and what I can create for you.

Images are protected under copyright, copying by any means is prohibited, unless expressed written consent is given by the owner.




Image Gallery

Two beautiful paints living in the sand basin, enjoying each others company.

Band stallion in repose.

Muted colors and sage form the backdrop for this stallion at sunset in a quiet, soft moment. He was waiting as his mare was coming behind him.

This is a sweet portrait of  “Encore” daughter of the famous “Cloud,”  of the Pryor Mountains.

Sweetly hazy image of a young one on the Pryor Mountains. 

Black stallion near Lookout Mountain, steps quietly.

This handsome red roan stallion stands peaceably in his kingdom. 

At the moment I took this shot, I asked myself, why did you snap that one ?  It proved to be a good catch to my eyes,  I fell in love with the artistry of movement of it, that I am not sure I even realized in the viewfinder at the time.  

Little mustang with a face anyone could love.

Cimmaron of the sand wash. He paused a moment then headed over the ridge. 

Dreamy soft , painterly image of band stallion ,”Tango.”

“Benson” in the sky, with those diamond eyes.

So elegant, with a touch of sharpness. It seemed, it was my existence she questioned.  

He stood as close to her as he could get.

Tonkas Mares, in serene rest.

I don’t know what name this little mustang has been given but I call him/her “Mystic.” 

Three mares on the Pryor Mountains.

A striking grey stallion in the sand basin.