Not just another pretty face
Wild horses drag me away.....
Speak your mind but ride a fast horse.

Always saddle your own horse.....



My Works .

Working in several different media, textiles, photography, art and jewelry , to revive the old west. Horses, ravens and other kindred spirits are conjured  out of the dust and  wind of  the imagination.


If you find an image or artwork you would like a print of, but can’t find it in the shop, contact me for availability and paper options.  Jewelry and textile art can also be created from images on the site  per request, with no obligation to purchase. The piece will be placed in the shop when completed.  


Photo Collage

I also create photo collages and digitally enhanced photos and art for prints, E books or other purposes.

If I can design an eBook cover for you, please contact me. 

Pudgy Ponies

One of my other artistic pursuits is the creation of “Pudgy Ponies. ”  Little chubby ponies that come in a variety of colors from pinto to palomino.  Prints and original artworks of them will be available.


I have two ebooks available at this time with several novels in progress.  ” The Unlove Potion” is a short self help book for those who have had a recent, romantic heartbreak. 

“Two Minute Tales” is three stories you can read in two minutes each, for those who don’t read long books, or want a quick story. There will be more added to the series in the future.

You can find them for now at Amazon, under their titles or by author- Tracey Williamson.

Soon to take flight...

I will update on projects in progress soon….