I think no matter how many stories I tell in book form, Horsehide, will hold a special place.


Tracey Williamson




Zoe is a true psychic, who gets her visions by touching objects or a person, but she can only see what has already taken place. Her world is changed after touching a horsehide coat, found in her friend Amelia’s second hand shop. Zoe could not see what was coming, or that she would became entangled in the story the horsehide coat would tell, and put her on the killers radar.



Amazon Review:

Once I started reading Horsehide, I became so fixated with it that I didn’t want to put it down.
The mystery, suspense, fear, friendship and love in this book drew me in and held me captive right to the very end.






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(Horsehide by Tracey Williamson )

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