Horsehide – A Novel

Horsehide is a story that has been unfolding inside my mind for a long time. It was written with my heart and soul woven into the pages. I hope you find the journey of it enjoyable, and love Zoe as much as I do.


Tracey Williamson

  Set in the small town of Blackstone, we find Zoe, a genuine psychic and her best friend Amelia, who owns a second hand shop down the row from Zoe’s Vision Emporium.

  When Zoe happens onto a horsehide coat in Amelia’s shop, the vision she gets from it, is nothing but pleasant.  She knows she must find out why things are not as idyllic as they appear and discover the story the coat has to tell.  As she delves further into the past with the visions from the coat, she finds herself trapped in a web of murder and betrayal. But Zoe can only see what has already taken place, not what is coming. 

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(Horsehide by Tracey Williamson )

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