I think no matter how many stories I tell in book form, Horsehide, will hold a special place.


Tracey Williamson


The Italian place in Blackstone that Zoe frequents, is named Viggo’s for Viggo Mortensen, I’m a fan. 


Excerpt from Horsehide:

    She reached into her purse to pull out her book. It was one of her favorite ways to carve out some time to read, on the patio at Viggo’s.

 She glanced across the street, her eyes on a group of garden variety towns people. One of them seemed out of place. He wasn’t with the group, rather trying to get past them. His rumpled dark clothing, the way he tilted his head down, shifting his gaze constantly to avoid eye contact with anyone. He was trying to be invisible. Zoe studied his chubby face, small dark eyes, his jaw mottled with three-day stubble. He made his way past the crowd and was gone.



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(Horsehide by Tracey Williamson )

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